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Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's the Weekend, Part One: Butterfly's tired, kids.


Good morning, everybody!

Later on, I am going to tell you about an amazing performance I saw yesterday: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, presented by Society for the Performing Arts in Houston. It was so awesome that it almost broke my Awesome Meter. But I'll have to give you the full recap later...

....because I have rehearsals in forty-five minutes. I love spending Saturdays in the ballet studio-- dancing is my favorite way to burn off a Saturday, though I'm sure you guessed that-- except that I'm exhausted. The effects of the completely-insane week that I just had are catching up to me. I swung by Sonic for my traditional Saturday pre-studio breakfast (orange juice and deep-fried 'taters slathered in ketchup), and that's helping a little (I also picked up a diet Rockstar the size of a nuclear firearm, just in case).

That's why I'm blogging-- if I want to sound like I have an IQ of more than, say, fifty; I have to activate my brain a little, get my thoughts going, and try and articulate them in a way that is at least mildly coherent. So when I go into rehearsal, I'll have my brain warmed up. Blogging: it's as good as coffee!

Speaking of warming up, I'm going to go do that. Peace out.

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