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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flashbacks: 'Twas the night before....

I wrote the following post exactly one year ago today, right before I danced Best in Ten at the Miller. I was nervous as all hell and couldn't sleep the night before the show. This post has been sitting in my draft folder, unpublished, for an entire year. I'm posting it now so that you can have an inside look at pre-show jitters. Enjoy.

It is exactly midnight here. Which means that The Big One is today.
I am not sleeping, because I am still unable to fathom how enormously out of my league I am.
So: if you go to the Miller tonight-- exactly 20 hours from now-- and you recognize my small-staturedness /blondeness from the grainy photo at left--- just know that yes, I'm quite aware how many continents of Out I was for what could even be considered annexed to my league. In fact, I can't even call my League on my cell phone because the long-distance charges would be astronomical. And you, the audience member wonder if I'm even aware of this. Trust me. I am.

I needn't have worried so much-- the show went really well, and to date it was one of the best nights of my life. Yay.

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