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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phoning it in: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I know, I know, I totally neglected to post a Blog of the Weekend. I also haven't gotten around to writing about Friday's performance, or Ros Warby's Monumental, or my new endeavor...because I'm moving in a few days, thus the chaos level in the Butterfly household is currently mind-boggling.

I took a walk down memory lane last night in an attempt to calm my nerves, so instead of Blog of the Weekend, I offer you some Dancer/Ensemble Director Flashbacks from last year:

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men...Or Something: Preparing for my ensemble's repertory showing after our HOPEWERKS residency. Said showing took place less than a week after we closed Amahl and The Night Visitors, so you can imagine things were bit hectic.

Christmas at Upstage Left: A Post of Epic Proportions: Describing my dance ensemble's repertory showing, celebrating dance and the holidays, and the long and drawn-out process of getting myself home in time for Christmas.

Notes from a Glorious Saturday
: Recounting a lovely day of teaching; and the first rehearsal of last season's story ballet.

Tales of a Rookie Dance- Ensemble Director: After Best In Ten, I had-- once again!-- less than a week to re-group afor my dance ensemble's benefit/performance. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Well, folks, it's been lovely, but now I have to scream get back to the grind. Stay tuned for tales of dancing and watching dance when I finally pick the pieces of my brain off the walls get settled. Happy Sunday!

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