Photo Credit: Phil Wayes

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not-Wordless Wednesday: More Bob Warren

Don't worry, I'm preparing a review of a dance show and some Alice's Adventures in Wonderland stories for your amusement. I'm also dealing with a great deal of upheaval here at Upstage Left, so for right now I'm just going to have to phone it in.

See this picture? It was taken by Bob Warren, who I've mentioned before. This is a cool picture, and what makes it even cooler is not the fact that I'm in it, but that I'm wearing a dress from a performance in my junior year of high school. I think I deserve a high-five.


aconnor1 said...

High Five sister! you look gorgeous.

A said...

She can FLY!

lucius said...

"Oh, hi, I'm Butterfly. Look at me dance awesome while I'm fitting into my dance costume from high school." Well, SMELL YOU, MARY SUE.

lucius said...

By the way, I am really fucking proud of that last line of my comment. I'm more awesome than you.

Anonymous said...

La-tee-dah miss ahgi... Just kidding you look great ! Love ya late... : ~ )


Selly said...

Oh, that's totally awesome.

P.S. Your Adsense keeps asking me if I am fit enough to be a stripper and showing me a little icon of a pole dancer. Hmm.