Photo Credit: Phil Wayes

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes we can, Here we go.

It's a little after 7am. I'm already fully dressed, in base makeup, with hair in a bun and sprayed within an inch of its life.

It's opening day! We have an 8am call for our 2 student matinees. Dress rehearsal yesterday went well, so I'm feeling pretty good.

Before I go, I'll quickly share these little dance-life lessons I've collected over the past 24 hours:
- My new hairstyle may be cute, but it's REALLY impractical when it comes to getting those short layers into a bun.
- Linen pants are fun to dance in (they're comfy).
- Spike tape doesn't make for good foot tape in a pinch. It starts to fall off after about eight seconds.
- If you're going to spontaneously launch into a series of barrel jumps, take your cell phone out of your pocket first.

I gotta run. Showtime!