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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Off- Topic Tuesday: Rest in Peace, dear one.

It's been a sad week for my fellow bloggers and fellow Pennsylvanians: last Friday, the world (and the blogosphere) lost a great writer. Lisa Kelly, aka "Clusterfook," of Birdsboro, PA passed away on Friday after three seperate battles with ovarian cancer. Yes, you read that right: THREE. And through it all she remained funny, smart, interesting, at times heartbreakring, yet always lovely in her writing. Amazing!

She's dead and people like me still walk the planet blogosphere planet. VERY FUNNY, GOD.

I'm praying hard-core for her family right now; that goes without saying. I'd give a donation myself if I wasn't currently swimming in Lake HolycrapIambroke. I am almost considering calling up Mama Butterfly and making her go to the funeral for me, but I know she has to work at that time (Plus she would probably ask if I was drunk, because that's always her reaction when I ask her to attend functions for/in memory of people she doesn't know on my behalf. Some might argue this is not unreasonable).

Please be in prayer. R.I.P., Clusterfook: you will be missed. We love you.

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