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Saturday, March 7, 2009

New from Upstage Left: Blog of the Weekend

Welcome to my new series!
Each week I will highlight a blog that I think you all should check out during your weekly 48-hour tradition of slacking off and surfing that internet.* Yay!

What website get the honor of being NFUL's very-first Blog of the Weekend? Well, it's written by a gal who not only is an avid dancer/dance-watcher/dance-writer, but who was a criminal appelate attorney (as you know, I spend a good chunk of my time hanging out with both criminal lawyers and students of law). And... she has a book coming out called Swallow. Even better....her novel is a dark comedy (love it) written in the style of authors such as Augusten Burroughs (love it more).

So, who is it?

It's Tonya Plank from Swan Lake Samba Girl. Know what's even cooler? The most recent post [at the moment] is a review of Paul Taylor Dance Company's current City Center Season. It's even got a photo of Mr. Michael Trusnovec, who was one of my teachers at UC Davis last summer and who I loved working with.

Kick back, relax, see some dance performances, and check out Swan Lake Samba Girl while you're at it.

*Five bucks says that by the end of today, I'll have every weekend until July booked with back-to-back rehearsals. I totally just jinxed myself.

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