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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overheard At Dress Rehearsals:

"We better get this quick change figured out, because I don't want to be late for my saut de chat."

"Crap, I forgot to take off jewelry....well, I guess the sapphire earrings add a nice touch."(said while wearing a South-American Migrant-farmer costume)

"G, you just made my day." (said right after G dropped an S-Bomb-- something we've never heard from her before)

"Butterfly, you look like a little boy! It's cute... but not scary." (Well, damn.)

(We were writing our names on the tags of our costumes, and one of my friends wrote "Butterfly" on mine instead of my real name. Aww.)

Dancer 1: "Why is everything four sizes too big?"
Dancer 2: "Why do you think that is?"
Dancer 1: "Well..."

Me (referring to my shawl that had come untied): "I tied this thing while I was dancing."
E: Cool.
Me: I am a f***ing badass.

This next one took place on the stage at the end of a ballet, hushed whispers between myself and a girl who had been absent at our previous rehearsal:*
Me: "Oh, crap! We changed the ending of this. Did anyone tell you?"
Her: "No. We don't go off?"
Me: "We do, but Elspeth comes towards us and we do, like, this big whip thing.....ah.....well, you'll know in a second."
Her: "Okay, thanks."

*Thank goodness she's back, too-- I'm her understudy, and I kind of sucked at being her.

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