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Friday, March 20, 2009

Blog of the Weekend: Speaking of travel....

Welcome to Blog of the weekend, v.2 (I'm aware I missed last week. Sorry)! I'll be out of town for the next two days; M and I are headed out to Austin, Texas. And speaking of traveling...

...there's a reason why I live in Houston and not in New York City. I have a pretty good love/hate relationship with the place. There are very few things I like about that city; but those are things that I like very, very, very much. And today I was looking at a blog that was all about my favorite things that Manhattan the point where I started to miss New York. And by golly, if you can pull THAT off, you fully deserve to be the Blog of the Weekend. This week, the blog of the weekend is Danciti.

In a crappy economy where most of us are too broke to buy a newspaper, it's much easier for us to keep up with the happenings around us by stealing our neighbor's wi-fi and going on the internet. Danciti is NYC's alternative media source for dance, bringing in announcements, reviews, commentaries on other articles and reviews, and any other sort of newsworthy tidbit that could be useful to a dance-savvy New Yawkah. I love their minimalist site design and the blog author's writing style. It's a great site, check it out, and see if you, too, don't start to feel just a wee bit homesick for the city that doesn't sleep.

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