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Monday, January 5, 2009

Returning to routine......or trying to, anyway.

Once the fall season got rolling, I settled into a pretty solid routine.
Then, I was out of work at the dance studio for a week after becoming massively ill. Recovered just in time to eke out two performances, then left to spend a week in Pennsylvania. I came back to Houston for two days to do Nutcracker, then left to spend a week roaming the Hill Country of Texas. Came back, enjoyed a two-day spiritual quest full of meditation and reflection and Zen-like experience.

As you can see, any concept of a "routine" that I may have had has long since turned to dust.

But now we're back-- it's the first Monday after New Years. I have not danced in a week; I have not taught in nearly a month, this week kicks off Alice In Wonderland rehearsals and a return to my ensemble's rehearsals. I'm so nervous, I could puke right now.

Where are my anti-anxiety pills?

So, ah, if anybody needs me, I'll be over here biting my nails and trying to reign in my anxiety long enough to put on a leotard. Catch you later

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Anonymous said...

No worries! You'll be back on top of that routine in no time and probably praying for a break before you know it! Best wishes!