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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OTT: Laughter and timing.

During a quiet moment in rehearsal today-- out of the clear blue nowhere, a conversation that M and I had recently-- about how Guy Kawasaki once suggested people sell dead horses to dogs-- popped into my head. Just.... "BOOM! Glock-toting genius suggesting the sale of dead animals to non-dead animals." I had no idea what brought it on. And did I mention it was really quiet at the time, because L and guywhosenameIalwaysforget were rehearsing their somber, beautiful duet?
All I will tell you is, I had to bit down on the inside of my cheek so hard it drew blood so I could keep from giggling.

It's not the first time it happened-- something giggle-inducing that happened yesterday/last week/during the Taft administration/in outer space.... will always pop into your head at a time when it wouldn't be appropriate to laugh. It's happened to you, too, right? Spill it! Comments are open; have fun.

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