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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Oh....hey guys! It's been a little while, huh? Did you have a good Christmas? I sure did. That's why you haven't seen me around here all week: I spent the holiday up north with my know, the one I haven't seen in close to a year. I would love to tell you all about it, but I've got a pretty packed weekend to tend to over here: I'm about to head to our last rehearsal of Great Russian Nutcracker, because we have a show tomorrow. And somewhere in there I should deal with the mess of half-unpacked suitcases clogging my living room and clean up the house a bit (how in the world does one little condo accumulate so much dust in the space of a week?).

So, while I'm doing that, here's some stuff to keep you occupied:
Selly's review of A Beautiful Tragedy
Great Russian Nutcracker's website
Oooh, check it out, it's an article about the Texas cast!
This video
Points in Case, which has absolutely nothing to do with dance but which I find hilarious and endlessly entertaining nonetheless.

So, now that I've successfully managed to locate my pointe shoes in the mess, I'm off to get my Nutcracker on.

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