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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Houston: 10 Interesting Things that Happened in 2008

Edited for Clarity.

(on absolutely no particular topic and in no particular order)

1. Houston Ballet does Serenade: Need I say more?
2. Stanton Welch’s Cinderella: This world-premiere generated a response similar to Gilliam’s Tideland: You either thought it was magnificent, or you absolutely hated it. One of the two, nothing in between. I fall into the former category-- I loved it.
3. There was that one show at the Miller last spring…. It went a little something like this.
4. Catastrophic Theatre’s The Tamarie Cooper Show: HAHAHAHA, I laughed my ass off at this show. I couldn’t say enough about how just freaking well written/staged/performed it was.
5. Hurricane Ike: Hahahahaha. No, seriously. Ike? Fuck You.
6. The River Oaks Community Hobby of September 2008: Walking around outside observing the post-apocalypse, ask all the other people who are outside observing the post-apocalypse if they have power yet. Everything got really dismal and boring for a while--which is not awesome-- but then...
7. Houston voted blue: This was also the very first Awesome Political Thing that has ever happened in the state of Texas, making the fact that Barack Obama won Harris County’s vote that much sweeter.
8. November 5th, 2008: Something about McCain signs and aluminum baseball bats and really happy hungover Democrats still celebrating.
9. Obligatory petrol-issue lip service: In the space of five months, Houston saw gas prices ebb and climb between $4.89 and $1.47 per gallon. Not necessarily what you'd call a good thing, granted; but I know my wallet and I are VERY happy to be paying less than $2/gallon for gasoline.
10. December 10th, 2008: It is snowing in Houston. In....Houston. In Houston!

Since that last one has me rendered pretty much speechless: that's all for now, folks. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow,


dancehunter said...

I am totally with ya girl until we get to the price of gas which is not a great thing for our dear city.
Serenade blew my socks off, Katherine Precourt looked stunning, and my oh my, going blue was a great present as well. There are many things to be cheery about. Snow, yes that was enchanting too.

September Love said...

Jed ran around last night with the three year old neighbor boys throwing tactical snowballs in his running shorts. That is all.