Photo Credit: Phil Wayes

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rejected Themes for Children's Dance Recitals

1. "Crazy Dancin" (Theme: Abnormal Psychology)

2. "On The Dancernet" (Theme: popular websites. The teen classes, naturally, dance about myspace. Baby classes are Lolcats. Rickroll in the middle of every 5th number. Laugh as your audience squirms)

3. "The Wu-Dance Clan" (The ENTIRE recital is the music of the Wu-Tang Clan)

4. "Dance Exposes Disney" (Theme is The Various Scandals That Have Surrounded Disney Movies Over The Last Seven Decades. The backdrop is designed after the original VHS artwork from 'The Little Mermaid.')

5. "The Dance-Chan Party Van!" (It's more or less 'To Catch a Predator' as a ballet).

6."Election Day Ballet" (Large ensemble pieces include "Crashing Economy" "Liberal Media" "Angry Liberals" and "The Polling Place." Small Ensembles include "Green Party" and "Write-In Candidates")

(might be worth noting that I added #6 on November 4th, 2008.)


dabcehunter said...

some great ideas here, keep em coming. I am partial to the wu tang one. Heaven knows we need to up the thrill factor on recitals.

Selly said...

Hello, Reality TV. We have Flava of Love for ballet, The Hills for lyrical, I Love Money for jazz...