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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Off- Topic Tuesday: Random Election thoughts

Because I need to. If I don't, my head will explode, and Mr. Butterfly said he doesn't want to get any on him.

1. I brought a book with me when I went to the polling place, expecting to wait in a massively long line. I ended up getting to walk right in and vote right away.

2. This is the one day every four years where people think being from Pennsylvania is awesome (because it's a swing state, e.g.a place where delightful amounts of madness ensues during the 'lection).

3. In the world according to M. Butterfly, politics are like stage directions: Left is actually right.

4. This was my first time voting straight ticket.

5. I was texting with my Mom, and the following ensued:
Butterfly: I love my mama, so I voted Obama.
Mama Butterfly: You woulda got a wailin' if you voted McCain- Palin.
My mom is awesome.

6. It's worth mentioning that I was sitting in the library when the above happened, and had to cover my mouth to stifle my giggle-outburst.

7. I'm sitting at a coffee shop in Katy, Texas...wearing a "Barack is my homeboy" t-shirt. Surprised no one has beaten my liberal ass yet (every other yard here has a McCain- Palin sign in it).

8. I'm spamming the hell out of my Twitter updates with my Obamacracy.

9. I got a Poll-watching application for my iPhone so I can check out the race between classes tonight.

10. This is the best thing ever. And yes, I made a dance to it already. How can you not? DUDE.

11. I just realized my internet stalker is going to have a mama-truckin' FIELD DAY if McCain wins. Don't much care, honestly. I'm over it. So, go ahead and spam me if you want, I may even allow your comments to be posted for a change.

12. It's time to go to the studio and concentrate on Horton and on jazz dance for three hours. Whew.

13. Here's your moment of Zen:


Mike McC said...


Mike McC said...


Mike McC said...


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Mike McC said...

Ok done spamming you. Where's your stalker, I wanna mock'er, that rhymes, I'm a poet, you know it. :-]