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Monday, November 3, 2008

Rehearsal, Center Stage 2, and SOCK TANGO.

Everybody gets poli-spammed by me until the election results are announced. No one is safe. Not even this blog.


Yesterday's rehearsal was nothing short of awesome.
D, one of the dancers, has been dancing for J, a fellow dancer and director of Columbian Folkloric Ballet. J and I danced together in the Company last season, and he's awesome. When he found out that D also danced in my ensemble, he told her he'd love to choreograph something. So, being that most of my choreographic attention/anxiety has been centered around our very own 'Sacre,' I invited him to join me on the project. He came in yesterday and began duet for D and Doc, Just. Wow. It's so awesome, and it's bringing a whole new dimension to the piece. The movement is very primal and earthy and the partnering work is composed of Stuff You Couldn't Imagine The Human Body Was Actually Capable Of. It is. So. Freaking. Amazing. I feel so privileged and lucky that he is here working with us.

I'd also been working on a Tarantella for the women, but my inspiration had waned and I was becoming frustrated. On a random impulse I decided to scrap the whole blah-damn thing and start from the beginning again. Yesterday, I set new 'n' improved Tarantella in hour. From start to finish. The dancers really like it, I really like it, and it's a big load off my chest. Perhaps I should follow my random impulses more often.

You may have heard that Center Stage 2: Turn It Up is out. If you're like me, maybe you didn't see it because you assumed it would be a train wreck on toast and you have rehearsal anyway and maybe somebody else will see it and fill you in. Selly over at Dance Outlook took that bullet for us and confirmed that "steaming pile of fail" doesn't even begin to describe the abysmal abomination that is Center Stage 2. When will Hollywood realize that sequels are Just Not A Good Idea? Or that Turn It Up is a really terrible, trite title? You can read Selly's review here. Check out the rest of her blog, too; it's pretty fabulous.

Lastly: Hoston folks, somebody please go take Hope Stone's "Sock Tango" class for me. I can't attend because I'll be teaching, but look at this description: "Learn to socks...the more colorful and wild the socks the better." Seriously, how fun does that sound? It's every Monday (starting tonight!) from 8-9 pm throughout November and December. Go. Dance. Then tell me about it so I may live vicariously through you and your tango-socks.

And now, here's your moment of incredibly-random, "lolwhat" Zen:


lucius said...

Nope, NFUL doesn't endorse Obama or nuthin'

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Nope, not at all.

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Liberal scum

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Love it.....go Obama...and you should change the name of the site to Notes From the Left Wing :-]