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Friday, November 14, 2008

About Upstage Left

Because I've had this for a year and have yet to do an "about this blog" post. Whee.

Here's a little about this blog:
This is a dance blog. This is also a dance blog written by me, which means an informative site full of helpful advice and dance-world news. This is, instead, my view from the stage and the studio. It's life through dance-colored glasses, a life lived in studios and on stages, covered in glitter, and accompanied by music. Sarcasm is heavily involved, and there's always chardonnay and really strong coffee. It's fun. It's THE life for me. Names have all been changed to protect the innocent.

Here's a little about me-- right now, anyway:
Setting: Houston, Texas (and surrounding 'burbs)
Work: Dancer with a contemporary ballet company, teacher of ballet, modern, and jazz at a studio in the suburbs.
School: Something I deny the existence of until shortly before a deadline.
On the side: Directing a small contemporary dance ensemble, currently in its third(!) season; acting in/co-writing a friend's independent film project; dancing whatever, wherever, with whomever, because it's fun; avoiding housework at all possible costs.
Current Projects: In no particular order: A performance with The Company, the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker, my Ensemble's mini-tour to Pennsylvania in January, rehearsing for/writing/re-writing/pulling my hair out over re-writes/shooting RC's Indie Flick.

The Players- here's a little about everyone else in this blog:
Mr. Butterfly:
Man- unit.
Mama Butterfly:
Parental unit whom I love and respect. Lives 1,600 miles away, much to our mutual chagrin.
Awesome Boss 1 & Awesome Boss 2:
Studio owner and
ballet-company director respectively; people who are generous enough to employ me to do stuff I love and who routinely inspire me.
R, E, and L: Dancer buddies. From back when I just used initals instead of nicknames (the initials-thing became confusing because I know way too many people with "R" names).
Roy, D, Rob, September, and Doc: My dancers. Doc is a man. The others are not.
Kiddos: Students of mine (Elle and Shailene are included here. Again, not their real names). I love these kids.

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