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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whatever happened to John Horne?

John Horne is a Georgia-based artist who painted these absolutely beautiful scenes of dancers at work. In the late 90's he teamed up with creator and then-owner of David Wilson and launched an online gallery complete a series of desktop wallpapers of his stunning series called 'Dreamchasers' (My favorite was 'Tuesday's Work'). That was back in the more gentle days of the internet, and the wallpapers would later be replaced by a downloadable screen saver (which, I think is, still there but compatiable with only Windows 98). A gallery of thumbnails remains on the site, but the teeny versions don't do justice to the work.
One would assume that an artist with work of that caliber could be find-able-- making he's exhibiting somewhere, maybe he has some works that are for sale, maybe he has a website, a new online gallery, et cetera.

After much google-searching and laundry-not-doing, I've come up empty-handed: He at one point had his own website, which is no longer there; he's alive and teaching art but his work is hiding. Which is sad. I would happily buy enough of his work to cover an entire wall or three. (hypothetically assuming the economy isn't presently kicking my wallet in the ass. Which it is. But I digress).

So, John Horne Dance Artist; if you're out there: Come back to the internets. Pretty please.

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Lesley said...

Only today, John Horne was recommended to me as a pencil portrait art teacher. My google search turned up this site: Judging by this artist's galleries, which contain pencil sketches of dancers, this may be the 'John Horne' that you are looking for. I hope that it is.