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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time to drink the Kool-aid

I've been dancing for eighteen-ish of my twenty-two years, and I have never attended any of those touring dance convention/competitions.

This weekend, however, I get to go with the dance studio to Tremaine in Houston. Whee!

Five things I love: Dancing, going to large dance-related gatherings, taking dance classes from amazing people, meeting other dancerly people, and dancing.

You know I'm stoked. And if I'm stoked about it, I'm gonna be blogging about it. :-) Stay tuned for the Tales From Tremaine [tee em!]

Happy weekend everyone; here's your moment of Zen:
'I’m pretty sure Mary Murphy just says whatever pops into her head and I won’t be surprised when one of these days she just yells out “PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER WOOOOOOO!”'
~ Credit goes to brooding_soul, the rain-man of writing hilarious So You Think You Can Dance recaps. His recaps are better than the show.

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