Photo Credit: Phil Wayes

Friday, October 17, 2008

Because sometimes you need to let loose and blow off some dance-overload-related steam: The Center Stage Drinking Game

Every time you notice a body double dancing in place of the regular actor (e.g Susan May Pratt)-- take a drink.

Every time a "ballet stereotype" is first introduced in the movie (e.g gay boy, stage mother, stuck up "star student" or nice-girl "renegade" student)-- take a drink.

You hear a line that's been quoted ad nauseam (such as "Whatever you feel, just dance it!)-- do a shot.

If a line like the one above made you swoon when -you- were a young (I was a teen when the movie was released, and yes, I was all over it)-- do another shot.

If you can get up and do the Four Swans choreography during that part of the film (without falling over)-- everyone else takes a drink.

Take a drink for every time you've choreographed to "Higher Ground" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Any of the scenes where you scoff and say "Yeah, like THAT really happens," take a drink.

If you are still standing at the end of the movie, congratulations! The National Legion of Stressed Out Dance Professionals salutes you. :-)

P.S. You may want to drink a lot of water/take a chaser-- crunch-time performance preparations don't bode well with hangovers.


Anonymous said...

So when are you performing again. That Hurricane IKE really made a mess out of things. How about your ensemble? Looking forward to seeing you perform!!

aconnor1 said...

Hilarious!! Can't wait to play this game. Center Stage was probably the whole reason I decided to study dance seriously. Can you believe they are making a Center Stage II??