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Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Nutcrackery here: Christmas Sewell- style

The highlight of my post-California blah-blah-blah slump has been finding out that myself and another dancer are sharing the role of Amahl in Amahl and the Night Visitors this season. It's a ballet of the 1951 Menotti opera, choreographed by James Sewell for his company in 1995.* The company I dance with here in Houston picked up the ballet in 2005, and last year added the element of a live orchestra and live singers. Amahl was my first performance with them, and I had a wonderful time. L also danced the role a few years ago, and we're both super-excited.

In other dance-related news, I'm creating two new works on my dance ensemble, and it's coming along nicely, if not very slowly. Stravinsky is the cheese to my macaroni. Assuming that I were made out of noodles, of course.

I'm off to ballet class. More updates later; for now, here's your moment of Zen. Oh, by the way, don't click on that if you're eating. not.

* Totally random story regarding JSB: When I went to the Taylor Intensive in NYC a few years ago, I met a girl who danced with James Sewell Ballet. I looked it up on the internet and decided that the company looked seriously awesome-- based on the website alone, mind you, not having seen a performance
(that whole Penn-is-far-away-from-Minnesota thing). Despite that, I was of the opinion that "James Sewell Ballet is The Shit" years before I even got to see any of their work; needless to say I was not disappointed. In the least. JSB, why must you be 1200 miles from Houston?

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