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Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Iketermath.

Please keep the Houston dance community in your prayers, as Hurricane Ike has thrown a wrench into a lot of our routines. Annual Texas Weekend of Contemporary Dance has been canceled, other performances have been postponed, and many others are now labeled with a question mark.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Ike aftermath has delivered an onslaught of nasty mosquitoes. I've seen kids come in with welts that are from the damn mosquitoes. And there are so many of them that you literally want to run from the door to your car or vice-versa.

My students were off from school all of last week; schools in Houston ISD are slowly reopening. I see my youngest classes on Monday. If you're a classroom teacher, your kids are probably wound up like cheap alarm clocks when they return after a break; and I learned that they're still just as wound by the time they get to dance class in the afternoon. Mm-hm. yeah. That day I learned how to use my "Dancer Jekyll/Miss Hyde" classroom duality.

A lot of my friends and fellow dancers still don't have power in their homes. "Home" became a place to empty and re-load the suitcase, because I've now stayed in four different places in the last ten days and my closet threw up in my truck.... or at least that's what it looks like.
When I drove up to the gate this morning I saw two trucks outside but decided not to get my hopes up..... and the moment I pulled into my parking space, the lights overhead started to flicker! I did a victory dance from the garage to the front door that looked a little like this. Hopefully nobody was outside with a video camera at that time. Yay electricity!

Extra thanks to Awesome Boss for putting me up for nearly a week and to D for getting me out of Houston for a weekend. Let's raise our glasses to these guys--and to the hope that things may finally, finally get back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

After a hurricane, most people do not really care about the entertainment. Sorry, that is just how it is in Texas. Most people are concerned with rebuilding their lives and regaining sense of their life. If you are a native of Texas, you would share in the stories and truly understand. So, for a while dance is not happening. so, I say get used to it, hun. Texas is great...but it has pitfalls