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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looking back/looking up/looking at this long post: Season's over.

I know I promised to a recap nearly a week ago, but life has been a "whirlwind" the last five days and things like reflective sentiments keep sliding down the to-to list. Our benefit was Friday (to the tune of THIRTY THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS, by the way, thankyouthankyouthankyou all); Sunday we performed a piece in our city's dance festival (marking the end of our season); Monday I caught up on some long-overdue tasks and taught at the studio; today I took class/ taught/took up a part-time gig......and sadly bid farewell to M, one of my "original" dancers whom was with me in the very beginning (Strangers On The Street from last year's festival/gathering was my Original Six). She is moving to Kansas City, MO and will be sorely, sorely missed.

Sunday's performance also marked our ensemble's "first birthday" -- last year's [performance in the dance festival] was our first performance as full group. I had randomly mentioned this to my dancers in passing...... they responded by presenting a "Happy Anniversary, CSDE!" cake at our benefit. It was special, really and truly. It was presented by D, who gave a beautiful speech about our ensemble (and caused my eye makeup to smear a bit).

There's even more to say about both Friday and Sunday's events, but I feel they deserve their own posts.

All in all, it was the perfect season: the dancers in my ensemble, our wonderful executive director (who may or may not have been dragged into the position kicking and screaming by yours truly), the contemporary company I danced for, the studio that I taught for. I'm a lucky lady, and next season has a hard act to follow.

And on that note, it is now - eek!- five in the morning; I'm leaving for the airport in an hour and a half to visit Pennsylvania for the weekend. I should finish packing (and perhaps I should not watch The Shining at this hour when I'm all alone). Posts of epic proportions are coming, but in the meantime feel free to visit this little blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed that show. But, you girls were awesome at Big Range! You should be really proud of you and your dancers!

lucius said...

Whatever happened to "Looking back looking forward and looking at cable related porn?" Is this a new generation in recapping?

M. Butterfly said...

It's old meme, my friend. Not that old meme ever dies, but ya gotta mix it up here and there. :> Plus I didn't want to reference cable-related porn on my dance blog (yet).

Anonymous said...
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Houston Jazz Dancer said...

Hahahahaa, i LOVE the "deleted" comment by WLk. You shoudl have left it up, Cassandra....because everyone needs to see what a joke this WLK is and she needs to know that fuckken NOBODY takes her seriously!