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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh, hey, I'm alive!

Hey guys. Remember me?

Today was a perfect day. Up early, go to the studio, teach, rehearse. Take a break, come back, get stuff done and chitchat with some nice folks. Rehearse more. Visit JG, take a walk, home. Fin.
Today's run-through was the first where I had the entire cast. I was apprehensive about how it all would go down (there are a lot of kids. A LOT of kids. Plus, you know how first run-through go....), but it was actually fantastic. The kids were respectful and attentive, all the prop/set/costume transitions were addressed, and the show is looking nice. I sat down after I got home to make prop and pre-set lists and cue lists. I still have a few more details being worked out, but otherwise it's going swimmingly production-wise.

I've had a rough week (personal life stuff, blah blah blah); but going to work and spending the day in the studio with everybody, concentrating on the ballet and getting stuff done, has made me feel 100% better. A true testament to the healing power of dance.

I'm going to stroll off to posion girl to meet some friends for a drink, then coming home to make more dances for tommorrow's rehearsal. Good to be back!, blogosphere!


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